You probably realise that if your boiler is getting on a bit, you could be burning hard earned cash on wasted energy. There are many “A” rated boilers available from from a range of different manufactures. What does “A” rated mean.Below is a graphic showing the SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK).

SEDBUK, boiler efficiency

The least efficient rating of “G” indicates an efficiency of 70% or less, thats if the old boiler is serviced regularly. A new “A” rated boiler offers a burning efficiency of 90% or above and could provide noticeable savings over the course of a year. It’s worth thinking about, your money is hard earned and its better in your pocket. A new boiler may not be as expensive as you may imagine. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions that you may have.


The images below show an old Thorn Apollo boiler, the image on the right (when viewed on a laptop) shows the GC or Gas Council Number, this information can be used on an internet search to gain information regarding efficiency. This older boiler, if serviced can give an efficiency rating of only 70% – 74%, which would be equivalent to an “F” rating on the SEDBUK guide.

Thorn Apollo BoilerGas appliance Gas Council or GC number





Baxi SEDBUK A Rated Boilers. Baxi Duo-tec, Baxi Solo

Baxi SEDBUK A Rated Boilers. Baxi Duo-tec, Baxi Solo




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