Heating Efficiently

One of the biggest steps that you can take towards efficient heating and reduced energy costs is by replacing an old boiler with an energy efficient “A” rated boiler.

There’s more information on Energy Saving Trust website  www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/  and there’s a graphic on this website here .

If this isn’t an option then there are other ways to make your system more energy effecient.

TRV’s,  Thermostatic radiator valves.

TRV fitting, JC Plumbing Stoke


TRV’s are fiited to each radiator, although it is common practice to leave one radiator in the house without a TRV, maybe a towel rail in a bathroom or a radiator that is close to the main thermostat. This really depends upon the type of boiler that is installed.

As an example, in winter, a conservatory can be particularly wasteful if it has a radiator fitted. A radiator is a heat exchanger and the warm water exchanges its heat with the cool air in the conservatory, a sort of a swap.

The boiler heats more water to compensate. Many people turn the radiator off during the coldest winter months to save energy but you lose the frost protection. Fitting a TRV and selecting the “frost” setting would still give frost protection.

TRV’s fitted to radiators in the main rooms of the house can help to control individual room temperatures regardless of the main thermostat setting and use less energy.

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